Media Projection

Wireless Projection System

WP-1900 Series

  • Offers 4K output capability
  • Multiple Platform Devices
  • No HDMI cable is required
  • 4-Split screen capable
  • Expandable system
  • Interactive Display
Wireless Projection System

Small Unit | Wireless, Powerful Functionality

Looks may be deceiving, this small device offers 4K output capability, ready for wireless output to any type of HDMI projector or display device with a bunch of unique functions while provides the Wi-Fi internet access service.

Nothing Else Required | Just Play

Plug the wireless dongle into the laptop or desktop and there you go, no need to go through an individual setup like other solutions. What’s more, you can display your mobile device through the cable or wirelessly, the freedom is yours.

Multiple Platform Devices | Max Compatibility

From iOS to Android to laptops and desktops. No matter what device you wish to present or view your media with, the wireless dongle does it all.

Easy to Switch | It is Your Turn

No more waiting for the HDMI cable to be passed around, all you need to do to take control is within a click of a button.

Don’t Fight | 4-Split Screen Capable

Want to show different presentations at the same time? The possibilities are endless when you have the power to show 4 presentations from 4 presenting devices at the same time on the same display.

Versatile Connectivity | Expandable System

Besides the multi-screen interaction function, users can cast from multiple-to-one or one-to-multiple and all the way up to 32 devices. Such an extensible system opens new doors to large scale presentations or lectures.

Versatile Connectivity

Interactive Display | Touchback Control & Note-Talking

For users who use interactive displays for touchback control and note-talking, the wireless projection system lets you control your presentation directly from the interactive display so you no longer need to sacrifice the display function in order to control your presentation from your device.

Group Sharing Broadcasting to All*

Gaining the ability to broadcast the presenter’s screen to the audience devices without hardware being installed on the audience devices and having the features of reverse-casting and note-talking, such as having the ability to write on a smart device and instantly show on the projected display. This is the true dual-way interaction. (*required optional software)

More than Just Wireless | Perfect for Business and Education Presentations

The WP-1900 Wireless Projection System series offers efficiency and creativity with unprecedented 4K HD wireless presentation solution for business meetings and lectures. Unique features  such as BYOD multi-device, multi-platform and dual-way interactive connectivity that brings next-gen presentation methods to reality. Easy plug-and-play makes group presentations possible with just one click, users can cast,  interact and receive high-quality imagery over multiple types of devices (desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile). The solution is ideal  for small-to-large meeting rooms, conference rooms, huddle rooms/spaces, classrooms, lecture halls and banquet halls.

Easy 3-Step Installation, Connect – Click - Display

Easy 3-Step Installation
Video Interface
Power Interface
USB Type-A
4K @30fps
HDCP 1.4
Wireless standard
802.11ac, 5GHz Channel
Video Interface
Power Interface
DC5V/ 2A
4K @30fps
Number of split screens
Up to 4
Wireless standard
802.11ac, 5GHz Channel
External Interface
USB TYPE A (Female)*
*Required optional software