AI License Plate Recognition System

The World-first Analog Camera Upgrade with AI License Plate Recognition Function Easily

The world's first license plate recognition device, VS8 AI, with built-in Novatek chips and two Kneron KL720 AI chips, supports multiple formats of analog cameras, such as AHD/TVI/CVBS, etc., and supports multiple AI algorithms. Users do not need to spend a high cost to purchase a network camera for license plate recognition function and they can upgrade the license plate recognition function by using existing installed analog cameras.

Even if you need to purchase an analog camera, the cost is far lower than a network camera, and it is compatible with the existing DVR recording system. You do not need to install and learn two different systems, Cost savings and convenience.


High-performance AI Chip & License Plate Recognition Algorithm

The computing performance of Kneron KL720 can be up to 1.5 TOPS, and VS8 AI can provide at least 4 lanes of license plate recognition performance.

The latest AI license plate recognition algorithm, not only has high recognition efficiency but also supports license plates of passenger cars, trucks, and motorcycles in Taiwan.

It is very easy for users to manage entering and exiting vehicles in apartment complexes or business buildings.
PS:This system does not support license plates with Chinese characters


Why Do You Need AI License Plate Recognition

The License plate recognition system can effectively manage the entry and exit of vehicles of householders, employees and visitors, and prevent human error. For example, relocated residents or former employees use copied remote controls or e-tags to enter, which will increase the risk of safety.

On the other hand, the license plate recognition system can also increase users' convenience. There is no need to worry about remote control being out of power or lost, or the interference between additional e-tags and existing e-tags for highways.


Good Value, Carrier-grade Hardware Device

VS8 AI and its previous generation VS8, together with Chunghwa Telecom, have been installed in Taiwan's road surveillance projects with over ten thousand units, and it has been delivered continuously. This device is made of an aluminum shell, and has a fan-less design. The working temperature of VS8 AI can be up to 65° Degree. It is a high-stability and guaranteed quality device for use.

The price of the VS8 AI is only 2/3~1/3 than competing products. Not only is it able to connect to an analog camera, it also has 4 DI/O ports, which can directly control the barrier gate or garage door. VS8 AI is also integrated with an LED caption machine, TV monitor, etc., whether it is welcome or parking guidance information display. Over all, this system is so user-friendly for everyone to use it.

VS8 AI can also be imported with other algorithms such as face recognition, which instantly upgrades this device into an electronic guarding (e-guarding) system, providing reliable perimeter detection for apartment complexes or business buildings.

Comparison Table


SMAX VS8 AI License Plate Recognition System

Other Brand

System composition and maintenance

VS8 AI+ Analog camera
One VS8 AI can perform license plate recognition and I/O control, and it will greatly reduce the cost of installation, construction, maintenance, etc.

Network camera
License plate recognition control board
License plate recognition software
I/O control module, etc.
The system is complex and difficult to maintain

Vehicle types

Car, Truck, Motorcycle

Car only


A VS8 AI can detect at least 4 lanes and control up to 4 barrier gates, and the working temperature of VS8 AI can be up to 65° Degree. It is a high-stability device

A network camera can detect only 1 lane, and an additional I/O module controller is required for a barrier gate.
The working temperature of the network camera is only 45°~50°C degree, and it is easy to crash when placed in a hot environment.

License plate recognition software

AI algorithm can be updated by OTA to improve accuracy, and can be installed with different algorithms such as Parking Space Detection.

AI algorithm, and cannot be updated.


The price of the VS8 AI is only 2/3~1/3 of competing products.

Expensive, usually more than USD3,300.