Enhance the IP or CCTV Camera Surveillance with AI

An AI Box that offers AI detection such as Auto Number Plate Recognition, Human Detection, People Counter and more. Expect accurate and fast AI reactions to ensure parking lot or company space management and security upgrades that are meaningful to use.


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) / License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Affordable, Reliable Detection and Recognition

The faster and more affordable number/license plate recognition is now available with artificial intelligent learning. License plates are now recognized within 0.1sec, making it possible for detecting moving traffic. The recursive AI learning enables the system to achieve a perfect 100% accuracy. This breakthrough technology makes it an affordable all-in-one system that makes expensive legacy system obsolete. 

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SMAX VS8 AI Box Automatic Number Plate Recognition/License Plate (ANPR/LPR)

Human Detection

Clever and Precise Detection of Human Beings

The complex AI can detect up to 80 different object types. By analyzing and continuous learning of human figures, it enables faster and more reliable human detection. This function makes it possible for automation in detecting human presence, cuts down the additional efforts and energy needed. By defining “danger zones”, it is possible to prevent imminent dangers by people. Notification and DI/DO control provides flexible settings for automated alarm and management.

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SMAX VS8 AI Box Human Detection Clever and Precise Detection of Human Beings

People Counter

Instant Foot Traffic Monitoring

The people counting function provides the ability for businesses to know where or even predict foot traffic. Therefore, it allows businesses to adjust the effectiveness of advertisements and promotions accordingly. In addition, businesses can allocate more resources to high-density areas, allowing a more effective management with its available resources.

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SMAX VS8 AI Box People Counter Instant Foot Traffic Monitoring

Introducing the VS8 AI Box

AI Box for 1080P IP & CCTV Cameras with Cloud Video Server

You can find the AI features shown above and more listed below for the robust VS8 AI Box. It is simple to use and comes with compatibility like no other and an AI that is ready to take on the tasks. Take a look for yourself. 

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SMAX VS8 AI Box for IP, CCTV Surveillance Camera, Instllation
  • Supports AHD 1080P/720P, TVI 1080P/720P and CVBS(D1) camera, each camera can reach 30FPS(NTSC) & 25FPS (PAL)
  • Aluminum alloy housing and fan-less design
  • Supports audio input (4xRCA) & audio output (1x 3.5 phone Jack) for audio applications
  • Supports multiple alert interface:
    • Alert input : 3 scalable motion detection windows and 4 physical digital input* 
    • Alert output : push notification to backend by software and 4 physical digital output*
  • Supports H.264, AAC format, and audio/video sync
  • Supports cascade AI NPU and peak throughput 8-bit mode up to 3TOPS
  • Recovers lost videos when the camera disconnected

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Case Study

How it works and the applied examples.

SMAX VS8 AI Box, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) LPR

Intelligent Parking Lot System

Taking the parking lot found in an older, traditional office building or corporate space and upgrade it through the use of the VS8 AI Box. Just simply connect the old analog cameras to the AI Box and activate the built-in ANPR algorithm. After the recognition is successful, you will be able to use the Digital Control Interface and control the parking lot gate with ease. This is a cost effective and risk-free upgrade!

SMAX VS8 AI Box Smart Traffic - AI Law Enforcement

Smart Traffic - AI Law Enforcement

The Taiwan AI law enforcement project for smart traffic choose to use the VS8 AI Box, installed inside junction boxes that are connected to 4-8 directional analog cameras, which the image feeds are then sent to the VS8 AI Box. Human detection and object detection algorithm is used by these cameras to effectively capture road violations and provide alert notifications.

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