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Best PoE Solution for Network cameras and WiFi devices

  • ​GW-4F2G is a PoE Switch specially designed for monitoring IP surveillance camera network, and it is specially designed to provide stable Ethernet network transmission and sufficient wattage of PoE power supply. 4F2G supports 802.3af/at standard 15.4W/30W power supply equipment requirements and guarantees that the maximum output PoE power wattage can reach 80W, and the maximum transmission distance of each port can reach 100 meters, ensuring that the PoE power supply will not cause deterioration.
  • Hardware design LED of PoE power indicator, and you can also monitor the power consumption status of each port through web browsing, providing users with great help in the management of PoE power usage.
  • There are also 2 Gigabit high-speed network ports, which can be directly connected to NVR and NAS to ensure high traffic of data streaming or stable video streaming delivery.
Loop Free
80W Power Budget
PoE+ 802.3at
LED Power indicator
0-50°C Working Temp.
PoE Power No loss at 0-50°C
Netwrok camera
Smart City

Network Management Function

  • Simple remote management Web UI interface, easy to operate


  • Each port supports 802.3af/at network power supply, up to 15.4W/30W power demand
  • The maximum total wattage of the PoE power supply is 80W
  • Using 120W external power supply to ensure sufficient wattage

Power Protection Design

  • High specification Eternal PS design (adapted Japan E-Cap)
  • High specification power protection design and isolation design.
  • System operating temperature: 0-50°C

Special Function

  • Each port can independently manage the distribution and management of network power supply, and provide necessary power for different product power requirements.
  • LED power supply status display, allowing users to monitor the current power consumption of the device

Green Energy Design

  • Users can turn off the LED power indicator of each PoE port by themselves to save power usage
  • Users can remotely turn on or off the network power supply of each PoE port through the browser interface

Giga Port

  • 2 Gigabit port can be used to connect NAS or NVR device, to ensure high traffic carrying, network transmission without interruption
  • Enterprise switch level design, easy to use and monitor

Application Diagram

GW-4F2G Application Diagram
Product   GW-4F2G
Switch Controller
IC+ IP1818
Microchip PD69104B